Concrete Floor Painting

Posted on 11 Oct 2014 Concrete Floor Painting

We recommend the following options to protect and revitalise your floors whether a warehouse, high traffic areas o other commercial concrete areas.


Without preparation, the only thing a paint contractor can guarantee is peeling and defective painting. Ensure the quotes and service received includes the proper preparation techniques to allow for optimum painting conditions.

1. Cleaning

It is mandatory for a high water pressure clean prior to any floor painting to remove all dirt, dust and loose debris. You want to paint the floor, not whats sitting on top of it !

Any grease and oil stains must be removed by using appropriate solvents. Paint cannot stick to floors if lubricants, grease and oils etc are present.

2. Floor Grinding

While shotblasting and chemical stripping are both effective methods of removing previous coatings from a concrete floor, grinding has some notable benefits.

Grinding opens the pores in the concrete, which helps the epoxy have something to grip, creating a better adherence. A shot blaster can do this, too, but can create a pitted, uneven surface.

Grinding ensures a much more even, uniform floor and unlike using a chemical stripper, can smooth out imperfections in the concrete. Grinders are what are used for creating polished concrete floors.

Application (Lowest to Highest Cost)

Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealer is an easy to use product that is popular with the DIY market. The product is available in both solvent or water based forms with an option for clear or coloured.

  • Product Cost = $120 – $190 for a 20L Clear Sealer
  • Product Quality = Assessed by volume solids (low quality <24% & high quality >26%)
  • Drying Time & Recoat = 30min & 2 Hours
  • Longevity = 2 – 3 years

Polyurethane Paving Enamel

Paving Enamels/Paint is an upgrade for the above sealer option. It is a solvent based paint formulated to protect floors from common fluid spills.

  • Product Cost = $180 – $250 for a 20L Grey Paving Enamel
  • Drying Time & Recoat = 30min & 2 Hours
  • Longevity = 3 – 6 years

Two – Pack Epoxy Coatings

Heavy duty, two pack, extra durable polyamide cured epoxy coating for areas subject to heavy wear, exposure to chemicals, solvents and other industrial fluids. Epoxy application builds ontop of the floor and creates a uniform self levelled finish.

  • Product Cost = $420 – $650 for a 20L Grey 2K Epoxy Coating
  • Drying Time & Recoat = 2 hours & 24 hours
  • Longevity = 8 – 12+ years

Two – Pack Polyurethane Coatings

Heavy duty, two-pack air drying polyurethane finish for suitably primed steel, concrete and timber structures. The product provides excellent durability with superior gloss and colour retention. Ideal top coat for all structures in marine and chemical environment. It is more flexible and UV resistant than epoxy coatings. However, the trade-off is that it is a softer film and can be damaged easily.

  • Product Cost = $480 – $650 for a 20L Grey 2K Polyurethane
  • Drying Time & Recoat = 2 Hours & 16 Hours
  • Longevity = 8 – 12+ years