Deadlines, Budgets and Projects – Oh My!

Posted on 02 Feb 2016 Deadlines, Budgets and Projects – Oh My!

Sticky situations are the norm for those in the role of Project Management, so it is understandable why most people would shy away from tackling the big jobs. But often, it simply must be done, and you must be the one to do it! So here are 4 key tips to help you out when you tackle your next project…

Take Risk Management Seriously

Writing out all the ways your big, new and exciting project could go wrong seems like a bit of a defeatist way to begin – don’t be fooled! This could be what saves you down the line and even if you never need to use the systems you put in place, it gives you and your team peace of mind, an invaluable addition to any undertaking.

Invite team input

Often the project is your baby and inviting others to comment on the way you are raising it is the last thing you want to do. But remember, your team is your biggest asset and they will often have an original idea or way to solve a problem because they aren’t as close to it as you are. Obviously, there comes a point where too many cooks get involved and you have to take charge, but there is value not to be discounted in allowing input from others.


Seems obvious yes? No. Often the biggest challenge to manging a team is making the overall plan and goal clear. Use tools like bullet points, share Google Docs, have meetings with a printed agenda, find a way that works for you but remember to KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid.

And most importantly…

Find the right team!

It’s all very well to say to invite input from your team and communicate effectively with them, but if you didn’t choose them carefully to start with you will find yourself in a pickle! Depending on the project, they can be selected from those you work with on a day to day basis, or hired specifically for the project, but what if you need something done that is far out of your knowledge and comfort zone? Especially when it comes to commercial decoration and protection – they don’t teach you that at Uni! That’s where Supply & Apply come in- providing everything from colour-selection, all the way through to making sure your project gets completed on time AND on budget.


Contact them today to book your free quote and see how much easier your project could become!